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Effortlessly plan requirements, submit applications, track status, and respond to comments, in a single platform, with your whole team.

Preparing Application
In Review
Addressing Comments

Prepare & Submit Your Packets with Confidence

Comprehensive Requirements

All of the city-specific permits, plans, forms, and attachments you might need, at your fingertips. Catch every requirement upfront to prevent surprises.

Tailored Permit Plans

With a custom permit plan, designed around your specific project and with follow up to city reviewers you can ensure total accuracy.

Automatic Packet Compiler

Prepare your application, including file merging, sheet separation, and easy file renaming, exactly the way the city expects it, with no extra work.

Managed Submissions

By pre-checking for compliance issues, preparing, and submitting your application on your behalf, Pulley ensures minimal issues down the road.

Role-Based Tasks

Automated task assignments based on city requirements, task reminders, full task history, and task auditing ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Proactive Application Management

With Pulley, you have a single point of responsibility to coordinate across team members and with the city to keep the permit process moving forward.


Less Waiting and Fewer Rounds of Review

Real-Time Review Status

Monitor the status of all of your permits, across jurisdictions, directly from Pulley. Receive real-time notifications when permits are submitted, received, reviewed, rejected or approved.

Smart Forecasting

Estimated response times and time to overall approval, informed by available local historical data and current market activity.

Reviewer Directory

Up to date contact information for every staff member assigned to review your permit. Follow up with one-click to keep your reviews moving.

City Follow-Ups

Pulley will follow up with city reviewers on your behalf and help receive partial comments early, eliminating the back and forth for your team.


Magic Comment Parsing and Quick Responses

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Smart Comment Parsing

Drag and drop response letters into Pulley to automatically parse, assign, and distribute comments to your team.

Comment Collaboration

Tasks are automatically generated and assigned with due dates to the best person to handle each comment, with each comment having a single point of responsibility so nothing gets missed.

Guided Comment Resolution

Pulley is on hand to provide guidance on responses, double check comments, and pulse check responses with staff. Ensure each comment gets addressed and resolved the first time.

Built-in Comment Response

Draft and finalize comment responses to keep track of progress. Once every comment has been addressed, auto-generate your formal response letter and resubmit.

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